Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lilla Rogers' "Make Art That Sells" online course! Part A Week One - Bolt Fabric!

Exhausted, but the best fun ever!
Here are the fruits of my labours for week one!
My final piece had to be done using the traditional method, as my 6 and a half-year old Macbook died a day before the deadline (which means I missed it and spent almost all of the last 24 hours recreating it from memory with cutout paper!)
I'm also using blogger with my phone for the first time, so no idea how it is going to work out...!

I was really amazed with how much we covered in just one week! Lilla somehow manages to feed us daily doses of the super important points, and I've already come away with some real gems!
Also, I was blown away by the supportive, positive and encouraging atmosphere in the Facebook group! Even without being able to submit my piece I feel like I have learned from everyone else!
Such a fab course... absolutely loving it!
Now for breakfast (been slaving away with pens, scissors and glue for hours trying to catch up, just four hours sleep!) and then it is on to week two's project. Can't wait! (o^-^o)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Back to School with Lilla Rogers!

I'm back at school! As of yesterday, I am attending (online) the Lilla Rogers Studio's course "Make Art that Sells" and it is sooooo much fun so far. I spent the whole day drawing and I don't remember the last time I was this productive. Love it!

I will try and post up my work from each week at the end of each project, in order to keep everything neat and orderly.


Monday, 22 July 2013

Yukata Silk-Screen Print 浴衣シルクスクリーン印刷

Inspired by the summer festivals here in Japan, I decided to have a go at screen-printing (I used to love doing this at college!!). So here is my girl wearing a summer kimono (actually called a 'yukata')! I only did the black in the print, the rest is hand-coloured with paint and pens.

Business Cards 名刺

名刺があります!I now have business cards!

250を買いました!I bought 250! 上質だとおもう!They are really good quality I think!

シェアハウスのラウンジに出します!I put them out in the lounge in my sharehouse (^u^)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Fairies フェアリー

I started out making this piece with a young student of mine in mind - a 7 year old girl who likes fairies. I thought if I made enough different fairy pictures I could cut them out onto flashcards and score sheets, and we could play a "Guess Who" game where each person asks questions about the other person's chosen fairy (also a little like 'Twenty Questions').

In the end though, I ended up with a new Spoonflower design! I actually had this printed as wrapping paper and it is pretty cute! If you looks carefully all the fairies in this image are slightly different... it was a bit of a brain challenge to do this I can tell you!! Phew!!!

To see the design in my Spoonflower shop, go HERE!

Some Sketchbook Pages

Monday, 24 June 2013

Tokyo Etsy Craft Party!

Yesterday, I went to the Tokyo Etsy Craft Party!

I am actually a member of the Etsy Japan team, but I haven't been active at all as I have taken a rest from using Etsy whilst moving from the UK to Japan. I am going to re-open my shop soon though hopefully (with a different name and new items!) so perhaps I can be more involved soon. Also, I need to improve my Japanese too!

I think these craft parties happen all over the world around the same time, which is a really fun idea! I guess people just get together and do workshops and chat about the things that they make and sell. This party went on for only two hours and it was over too quickly!

I got a drink ticket at the door, and when I chose a drink I was limited by what I could read on the menu, and as I didn't fancy anything I could translate, I had a beer. I regretted this slightly, as when it came to making something my hands were shaking a little! I'm sure I was slower than normal, after only a few sips of Sapporo beer. But, it was a hot day, that is my excuse!

It was really nice to talk to people, and feel like there are other people in Tokyo who like to get together and make things. I just wish I knew if there were more groups of people getting together like this. There probably are, but I can't really find them as they would be advertised or talked about in Japanese I suppose. My bad! (must study!). However, it is ok to try and follow a workshop when the person leading it just speaks Japanese, as long as I can see a physical demonstration I guess! I need to learn craft vocabulary!! (^u^)

The workshop I took was on 'cartonnage' or fabric-covered boxes. I really liked doing this as it reminded me of some of my attempts at making fabric-covered notebooks, and it was really nice to have someone show me how to do something properly for once, instead of me just making it all up as I go along! haha!

So, this is the before and after pics I snapped with my phone! 

The workshop was a collaboration between two ladies - a cartonnage expert, and a textiles designer. I've tried to put their details below in case you'd like to check out their pages!

Mariko designs and sells fabrics on the Frumafar website, as well as through Spoonflower so we had a good chat about how much we love that website! I didn't bring any of my fabric with me to Japan, as I guess I would like to start to make new ones... but all my old designs are in my old MochiPan Spoonflower Shop still. I'm trying to rebrand myself away from my old style at the moment, to something more natural and more me... but that is quite tricky! Anyway, Mariko's fabrics are really gorgeous (there is a gingko leaf pattern I really love, as I love those trees) and are very elegantly Japanese. Thank you to Mariko for talking to me in fantastic English and helping me during the workshop!!

The lady who ran the workshop itself also has a website and a Facebook page too, so you can look at her work. It is all so neat!! She must have a lot of patience! She was very kind to go slowly with me and clearly demonstrate exactly what I needed to do (^u^)

I didn't have any money left at the end, so I couldn't try the screen-printing workshop. I have done it before, but it is such a satisfying process (when it doesn't go disastrously wrong!) that I'm always tempted to have a go. But, a Japan Etsy team member was great and translated for me so I could understand about some workshops that they will run in the future. I couldn't find a website unfortunately, but I tried to photograph their leaflet as well as I could!

Overall, I t was a really enjoyable two hours! I hope the team holds another one soon! And I hope my Japanese is better by that point too!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mini Patterned Notebooks

I decided to make some little notebooks, just to pass an evening. I did some doodles in my sketchbook and I liked the patterns enough to want to use them for something. So I thought I'd use my new stapler to make little notebooks... I have a plan in mind for what to do with these, but I'm not going to say it yet in case I don't do it! haha!